British Standard

At Zebra-Coat we have almost 500 different shades in the British Standard range. But to make sure you get the shade of paint you need, if you can’t see the colour you want, you can use our professional colour matching service.

Decorative Brands

At Zebra-Coat we can colour match to a wide variety of decorative brands, providing a colour to suit even the quirkiest of tastes. Our uPVC paint is hard wearing and fast drying for a quick turnaround repaint of your latest paint project.


The NCS (Natural Colour System) is based on how our eyes see colour. Based in this science, it allows colour communication across many industries and is widely used for interior design, decorating and painting, as all surface colours can be described with NCS.


Pantone colours are often used as the standard for brand colours and are designed for the print and media sector. Signs, displays and exhibits often need to be painted to match these brand colours.


The most commonly known colour standard, RAL is the European colour matching system for all paints, plastics and coatings. This popular colour standard is widely used across industry including rail, architecture, and construction.


We offer a range of colours formulated as a touch up solution for one of the leading foil manufacturers.

Other Colours



Preparatory Cleaners

Hardeners & Thinners

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At Zebra-Coat we can colour match to a wide range of brands and colour standards, from RAL, to Little Greene and more. We can create a bespoke mix to match more than 30,000 varieties. Get any colour you want in our brand-new uPVC paint.

Features & Benefits of Zebra-Coat

What is Surface13?

Surface13 is a brand-new anti-microbial additive brought to market to protect surfaces 24/7, for its lifetime. It inhibits the growth of bacteria, reduces opportunities for bacterial and fungal growth and reduces the microbial load.


Made for Manufacturers

Comes in a range of sizes starting from 1 litre tins of paint to 10,000 litres


Surface13 official partner

The only Truly Hygienic uPVC paint with anti-viral coating options

Hard-wearing and fast-drying

Our tins of uPVC paint have been reformulated to dry within 15 minutes and last a decade


Adheres to multiple substrates

Zebra-Coat adheres directly to Aluminium (2k pack), PVC (single pack), Composite Doors (2k pack), Kitchen Cupboards (single pack).


Zebra-Coat’s revolutionary technology allows it to be used as either a 1k or 2k pack.

1k or 2k

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